Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend BeforeThanksgiving

What an awesome weekend we have had! Thanks to Mary and Glenn for bringing us a gently used new lazy boy couch for our home, it was sorely needed, and for the hiking backpack for Daniel. Friday evening Dad, Brian, Glenn and our good friend Phil all helped move the old couch out of our home and our new couch in. Thank you boys! Then Mary had a brilliant idea, she said lets see what this boy can do. We moved the furniture around and put Daniel on the floor and let him 'Crawl' around. He was great! Daniel made his way from the living room to the dining room either on hands and knees or hands and feet. He would push his bottom in the air and balance on his toes and then lunge forward. This evening he almost surprised us a couple of times getting very close to sitting himself up!

Mary also brought us a hiking backpack for Daniel, we went to the park this afternoon for a test run and I must say, my little peanut LOVED his backpack! Brian and I both tried it although my shoulders were getting a little sore after just a few minutes. We figured out the trick to that is for mommy to tighten her belt a bit more so that the weight is more distributed over her hips instead of her shoulders. Such a wonderful weekend for us.

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