Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy to Be Home

What a weekend, delicious Thanksgiving dinner and fun times with my in-laws. I am so grateful to have such a loving and caring family. Although I love spending time with the family, I am always ready to come back home. I was especially ready after all of the car problems on Wednesday, and spending the whole day in the backseat on the way home today. My stomach has always been a little queezy in the backseat of a car, but tonight it seems to be hanging on. I have been upstairs in bed for about 40 minutes now. I am also re training Daniel to sleep. He has been of of his schedule for a few days, now that we are back home he needs to get back into the swing of things. This being said, he has been crying now for about an hour. I have checked him after 5 minutes, 10, and 15 minutes and at this very moment he has stopped. We will see how long this lasts. :)

Part of the reason he is having trouble sleeping is because of his teeth. I have a love/hate relationship when he gets teeth in. I love to see him growing, and reaching these awesome milestones, especially seeing his cute little teeth. It makes him so uncomfortable during the night though, and tylenol just doesn't seem to do the trick for him. I feel bad that I can't keep the pain at bay for long, the constant cuddling seems to help, but after four nights of this, with serious lack of sleep, I am ready for him to even sleep till 4 am straight. The past couple of nights he has been waking every couple of hours, and the only way he will go back to sleep is if he is cuddling and nursing. I love my baby boy and I am so excited that his top two incisors are now coming through. We are getting Christmas pictures this coming weekend, and I wish they were visible for his pictures, but I don't think they will show up yet, but he will look so adorable with two on top and two on the bottom. I figure his teeth should be fully visible around Christmas time.

This weekend we get to celebrate St. Nicholas day. I will have to get a boot for Daniel to set out on the fifth, and let the spirit of the season weave its magic. St. Nicholas will likely bring Daniel a stuffed animal since he is not at an age yet for candies. Then in the evening on the sixth maybe we can go to The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is going to be such a fun end to the 2009 year.

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marymom said...

Glad you got home safe and sound. We loved having you too. Let me know how Daniel does.