Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Windstorm 2008

At 1:00 this afternoon we have our first prenatal visit...I am dragging Brian along with me. I am excited and of course a little nervous since I know there will be a lot of testing involved. Hopefully I will have most of the results from the tests by the end of the week.

This week started in a very crazy way. On Sunday afternoon Cincinnati experienced some of the highest wind gusts in years thanks to the Texas hurricane. In Cincinnati alone over 600,000 were without electricity, and many are still without. Our house did not get damaged, we lost a couple of tree limbs, others we are close to had more damage. Brian finally got to go back to work today. We keep in our hearts those whom this tragedy hit worse in Texas. I know I have a few friends there and my prayers go out to the families and I hope they are able to rebuild their communities quickly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

halfway done with the kitchen and bathroom

A few weeks ago we were able to share the good news of our pregnancy with family and some of our friends. For the past few weeks I have felt wonderful, this week on the other hand is a different story. Not only have I had a migraine this week, but I have also had morning sickness this whole week. New to the list of dislikes would be chicken, it does not sound or smell appealing at all, and although I can stomach it right now the smell of ground beef about does me in.

I have my first prenatal appointment next Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. I am excited even though I know they will only be doing tests this visit. By the date of my first visit I should be just over 8 weeks, the nurse I spoke with told me that at our second visit at twelve weeks we would get to hear the babies heartbeat on our first ultrasound, I can't wait.

The kitchen is starting to shape up, we are working on the framework at the moment, the color is a dark green and the walls are pale peach. Our bathroom no longer looks like a prison bathroom, but like a warm and relaxing bathroom. Brian will be working on finishing these two rooms over the weekend since I will be at school. I can't wait to see everything finished.