Monday, August 18, 2008

Picking Colors

Brian and I went to home Depot on Saturday to look at some paint colors. We have several options like yellow, pink, blue, green, and peach. Looking at the color swatches we brought home, I am leaning towards the peach or the yellow, both are very light and will add just enough presence to the room. I decided that I do want some color in the room, just nothing too bold. Brian got the stove out of the way on Saturday night so I was able to get most of the wallpaper down. Behind the fridge is all that is left now, then we can wash down the walls and prepare to paint!

Along with the kitchen this coming Saturday, we are going to paint the bathroom. Since our bathroom has several shades of brown, beige and cream in it's tile, I have chosen a honey beige color to paint the room with. I am looking forward to getting the house repainted this year, I think it will make the house look bigger inside (especially since the walls in the rooms are pretty dark) and it is an inexpensive way to begin to update our home.

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