Friday, August 15, 2008

Kitchen Remodeling

Well, this is the first time I have ever used blogspot before. I have seen so many people do it and I feel it is a great way to share my life with friends and family.

Brian and I recently decided that we would like to start remodeling our home. Over the summer we used our generous wedding gifts to begin work on our backyard. Home Depot came to our rescue and we were able to try a vegetable garden, we also worked a little more on our flower beds. Unfortunately with work schedules, the sweltering heat, and the lack of water in Cincinnati our flowers are a little and garden are a little sad. We were able to salvage some tomatoes, onions, strawberries and even banana peppers for ourselves and family to sample. Next year I hope to be able to work a little harder in the garden, maybe going out first thing in the morning will work out a bit better.

This week I began to transform our kitchen. My mother, father and I have been working daily on de-wallpapering our kitchen walls. I knew this project would be difficult, but it is wiping me out! I have spent, with the help of my parents about 3 hours each day on our kitchen walls, and have discovered areas that need repair, or areas that have been painted several colors from pink to green. Next Saturday, Brian and I with the help of our family and friends will begin painting our kitchen and bathroom, updating and taking the first of many steps to make this 1920's house our home.

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marymom said...

The walls look better already. Have you decided on a color yet?